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Thor Ramsey and wife, Dinika

Episode 17 / March 2, 2021

Comedian, Thor Ramsey and wife Dinika share with us how they met, their faith journey, infertility, the blessing of adoption and why it's really not about you

Comedian, Thor Ramsey

Thor Ramsey is a nationally known standup comedian and one of the most recognized names in Christian comedy. Since 1987, Ramsey has performed in comedy clubs and churches across the country. Ramsey was featured in four of the “Thou Shalt Laugh” comedy movies, which sold more than a half million DVDs and were seen on cable television nationally.

He has been seen on several national comedy shows aside from his own television series, “Comedy At Large with Thor Ramsey,” which aired for one season on the i-Life Network. “Bananas” the family-friendly comedy series that he hosts is now seen in over 90 million homes and was recently purchased by Sony Television.

Thor has three solo standup projects, “Square” (2010), “Smart Mouth” (2008) and “Brimstone & Punchlines” (2006) in addition to producing and hosting the “The New Comedy Revolution” (2010). If there is a DVD featuring family-friendly comedians, Thor is probably on it (i.e. “The Clean Standup Comedy Tour” in 2004).


He is also host of The Protest Show and author of the "A Comedian’s Guide to Theology”, "Thor Ramsey’s Total Money Meltdown", "Broke: How Not to Give Up When Climbing Out of Debt", and "The Most Encouraging Book on Hell Ever".

Check out Thor's new movie, Church People, coming to theatres March 13, 14, 15, 2021.

For more information and to book Thor go to 

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