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Locked Down with Leland

Episode 19 / March 30, 2021

Leland tells us what he has been up to over the past year, how he feels about lockdowns, the impact it has had on the live entertainment industry, and what we are struggling with personally

Resources we referenced in this podcast ...

Friends, we know that it's been a rough year for everyone and more than ever we need to immerse ourselves in the word of God. Anytime I choose to turn off the TV and pick up my Bible, I am so glad I did! 


Prayer has also been a balm to my soul, and we strongly recommend Timothy Keller's book on prayer to help you on your journey to making your prayer life more genuine and meaningful.

 Prayer   - Timothy Keller


We also need to laugh! Dry Bar Comedy is a great place to go to support clean comedians. Not all comedians on this site are Christians, but make sure you check out the comics that we have had on our podcast, they have all been featured on Dry Bar and would love your support. 

 Dry Bar Comedy   - Leland Klassen 

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