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Tribute to Moms

Episode 21 / May 11, 2021

Memorable Mom moments, what our Moms have taught us and why our

boys may now need counselling

Tribute to Moms

We share our most memorable Mom moments, what our Moms have taught us, and reminisce about our childhoods. We also talk about raising our own boys and why they now might need counselling  - kidding (sort of, but not really).

Being a Mom can be hard and we often have expectations for ourselves that are unrealistic. We may not always feel worthy of being celebrated but I love the reminder from Susan Narjala that, "In Christ, we have a greater source of worth than the greatest of Mother’s Day bounties." You may not be a perfect Mom but you can celebrate today and everyday that you are a daughter of the King.

This Mother’s Day, Let God Change the Narrative

Mums – Marvellous, Marred and Mortal

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