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Mike and Rozalynn Goodwin

Episode 05 / July 7, 2020

Mike Goodwin - Comedian

Mike Goodwin is a refreshingly funny comedian, speaker, and leader. His signature bowtie is a nod to his expectation-defying brand of comedy that leaves a variety of audiences - from corporate events to swanky galas - laughing hysterically and completely inspired, without a foul or vulgar word spoken.

​A native of Camden, South Carolina, Mike was raised in a family that had its share of dysfunction. He learned at an early age how to use laughter to pierce through tension and in some cases, ease pain. As a result, he developed an affinity for comedy and used it as a way to cope through difficult situations he faced as a child. 

After graduating from high school, Mike enlisted in the United States Army, where he served for a total of 12 years - four in active duty, and the balance as an ROTC cadet and commissioned officer in the U.S. Army Reserves. While attending college at Lander University in Greenwood, SC, he became active on campus and honed his leadership skills by serving as a campus ambassador, hosting events, and joining his fraternity, Kappa Alpha Psi.

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Mike holds a master’s degree in Education from the University of South Carolina and worked in secondary and higher education before deciding to pursue stand-up comedy full time. Drawing upon his varied life experiences and career, he’s able to relate to audiences from all walks of life. His vibrant personality, wit, and professionalism make for a unique combination that keeps him booked on stages stateside and abroad, throughout the year. 

Whether it’s a comedy act for a church event or keynote address at a conference, Mike uses his ability to merge leadership and laughter, to help meet his goal of leaving places and people better than he found them. He’s appeared on Lifetime, BET, Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), Daystar, USA, the Word Network and Circle TV. Mike has shared stages with Dr. David Jeremiah, Tim Hawkins, John Crist and Michael Jr., and participated in the USO Europe Comedy Tour.   When not on stage, you can find him sharpening his skills as a writer for digital media outlets and platforms.

A southern gentleman with a curious mind, love for people, and heart for God, Mike Goodwin aka Bowtie Comedy is in a class all his own. Offering strength and healing through joy is his life’s purpose and comedy is the vehicle that helps him realize that goal. He resides in Columbia, SC with his beautiful wife Rozalynn and their two children.

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